Millbrae Girls Softball Association

Player Evaluations

MGSA Spring 2022 ⚾ Player registration, evaluations & uniform fittings

Player Evaluations

Coaches will be conducting evaluations of players with drills such as batting, fielding, throwing, pitching, and catching. Coaches will be scoring and evaluating each player's skill level to ensure competitive balance so that all girls have a positive experience and a chance for their team to succeed during the season.

Players should bring their softball gear (e.g., glove, bat, batting helmet, cleats, fielding mask, catcher's gear, etc) and be prepared to hit the field.

For pitchers, please have a parent or adult available to catch during pitching evals.

January (middle of month), Times and Location TBD

Uniform Fitting

Players will be fitted for uniforms. There will be samples on site for players to try on. This is also the time for players to select up to 3 of their uniform number preferences. This is also an opportunity to order Millbrae Girls Softball gear.

Uniform fitting will continue until noon if you can’t make your allotted time. Otherwise, email and provide them your shirt and pants size and number preference.

Date, Time and Location TBD